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  • When AI meets 5G, it will redefine the phone
    Post time: 03-26-2018

    As the 5G network deployment plan is expected to start in 2018, the competition between the cellular network and Wi-Fi will change substantially next year, and user preferences will be tilted to the cellular network again, but the premise is that the cost is affordable. The technology of Internet...Read more »

  • Micro-LED/ flexible display
    Post time: 03-26-2018

    Micro-LED as many panel display terminal technology darling, although the technology is still a breakthrough with the development stage, but it has many other advantages, improve the color range, such as reducing power consumption, and will more pixels package to the same size similar to the disp...Read more »

  • 5G commercial times accelerated
    Post time: 03-26-2018

    "5G is going faster than you think," said a 5G standard. As a new generation of mobile communication network technology, 5G is now recognized by the industry to realize the test commercial in 2019.   A large number of 5G standards are being carried out in accordance with the plan. ...Read more »


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