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IPhone hints how to cool over overheating

What does iPhone suggest that overheating needs to be cooled? Your iPhone prompt Please iPhone high temperature after cooling in the use of the situation, found that mobile phone does not touch the body heat, there are many iPhone users in response to his equipment temperature is too high, the equipment is not working, then, iPhone showed that the overheated cooling is going on? How to solve it?

IPhone shows that the temperature is too high as the following:



At the same time, there are many users of iOS devices in winter (low temperature environment) has been unable to charge the situation, because iPad uses Li ion polymer battery, in low temperature environment, the lithium ion polymer activity decreases, resulting in abnormal charging. The solution is to place iPad in a normal temperature environment, and can be used normally after the temperature of iPad is warm.

Many iPhone partners have encountered similar situations. Here's a detailed solution to the problem of high temperature. Please wait until iPhone is cooled, then use the solution of the phenomenon. First, let's see the cause of this situation.

Principle analysis

This is because there is a temperature detection system in the iOS device circuit design, and has a complete mechanism of high temperature protection.

In the circuit schematic of iPhone, you can see that the NTC (abbreviation of Negative Temperature Coefficient) is embedded in multiple circuits in the iPhone. The meaning is the negative temperature coefficient. ) the thermistor.

The resistance value of the NTC thermistor decreases with the increase of temperature. This characteristic can be used to detect the temperature of the internal temperature in the internal temperature of the iPhone, and to detect the temperature of the internal temperature of the iPhone. When the temperature is too high, iPhone enters the state of protection and stops the operation of all the programs until the temperature is reduced to the normal temperature and the protection state is relieved.


Power management circuit temperature detection NTC thermistor




Radiofrequency circuit temperature detection NTC thermistor


Processor circuit NTC thermistor



Camera circuit NTC thermistor


The high temperature protection mechanism can effectively protect the iPhone main board circuit and the original parts to avoid the damage of the original parts by their own faults.


Cause analysis and solution

1, open software too much, too many background tasks, a program takes up a large amount of hardware resources to cause excessive heat. For example, navigation, video, etc. can be solved by turning off the application or restarting.

2, using the beta system, because of the imperfect system, the power consumption of the mobile phone is too high and the heat is great. Restore to the latest formal version of the system can be solved.

3, hardware damage, due to fluid, external force and others cause NTC thermistor damage or chip damage short circuit cause temperature inspection system damage. The damage of the NTC thermistor and the damage of the power management chip will cause the iPhone to enter the high temperature protection state. What the user needs to do at this time is to turn off the equipment and send the equipment to a professional maintenance organization for maintenance.

Post time: 03-26-2018


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